Olivier has just redirected to Now all visitors of will be automatically redirected to

Olivier has also sent me the files from the public GNU/Linux Matters svn repository. It turns out that a lot of the work I’ve done so far (creating PHP pages and implementing gettext support) was already done. The repository contains PHP pages very similar to the ones I’ve created. So I’ve basically reinvented the wheel here. But I don’t see this as a bad thing because it was fun hacking on data and I learned some new stuff as well. What I’ll do next is optimize the website with the help of the data from the GLM svn repository. This includes copying the internationalization (i18n) comments that were used in the original PHP files. These comments can be automatically extracted by `gettext’ and saved to the PO files. These i18n comments support the translator in translating the English strings to his/her own language.

The GLM svn repository also contains the other languages files in gettext format. So I’m going to add these to the GGL bzr repository so that these will be automatically imported into Launchpad Translations.

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