Updated translations and transfer to Transifex

It’s been a while since my last update. These last weeks have been a busy period for me with other projects I’m working on and school just having started. Last night I felt like working on GGL.org again and I spent about 4 hours on merging the rest of the translations (amongst other improvements to the site). It turns out I initially merged only half of the original translation files (doh!). Hence a lot of the translations were missing on the website. I’m pretty sure I merged everything this time, so head over to getgnulinux.org and see if all your translations are there. Note that some translations might be marked as fuzzy which won’t be displayed on the website.

I’ve also spent some time testing this new translation system called Transifex  (thanks Vyacheslav for the tip!). I must say it’s a great translation system which, unlike Launchpad Translations, has good support for fuzzy translations. It even has an auto translate feature. The only downside is that I’m missing a few basic functionalities, but that won’t be a deal breaker (unlike the lack of support for fuzzy translations).

Another translation system I tested is Pootle. Pootle seems like a great system as well, but it was too much trouble for me to set up. I had it running on the web server eventually, but then there were problems with dependencies that could not be satisfied. Not to mention that it would have to run on our server which would mean even more system load and maintenance.

So I’ve decided to give Transifex the green light. All translation files have been transfered to Transifex; the project page can be found here. At this moment only authorized users are able to submit translations. I’m still figuring out how to allow anyone to submit translations like it is possible with Launchpad Translations. For now, translators can create an account on Transifex and join a translation team which gives you permission to make translations.

I’d be glad to hear from you translators whether the new system works for you.

One thought on “Updated translations and transfer to Transifex”

  1. Serrano,

    I’m glad you’ve merged the remaining translations. Now things look brighter in the Russian and Ukrainian sections 🙂
    I’ll see if I have time to bring them up to date.

    By the way, the GGL website looks better than it did in 2010.

    Vyacheslav Stetskevych

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