First translation completed

I am happy to announce that the very first translation of was completed today! Many thanks to Yaron Shahrabani, a Hebrew translator from Israel, who started the translation for Hebrew exactly one month ago. That he was able to finish the translation by himself in just one month truly amazes me. And that for a language that is so very different from English. Like Arabic, Hebrew is written from right to left. Yaron had a helping hand in improving the display for right-to-left languages as well. Some images needed to be updated for right-to-left languages.

It turns out that Transifex, the new translation platform for, is working pretty good (at least, I have not received any complaints). Some kind individuals have joined a translation team to help out with the translations. Since the switch to the new translation platform, translations for a few new languages have been started. These include Bulgarian, Esperanto, Hebrew and Interlingua. I’m looking forward to the completion of more translations so we can reach an even larger audience.

There used to be a trimmed edition of which contains less pages. For the trimmed edition, some translations had been completed already. Translations for the trimmed edition are now simply being used for the full edition. I have not had the time to implement a trimmed edition yet. Mainly because I haven’t figured out the best way to implement this yet. Until then, the full edition will be used to publish any translations.

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