Asturian translation completed

With just two months passed since the completion of the Hebrew translation, another language can be added to the list of completed translations for I’m very happy to announce that the Asturian translation is now online! Many thanks to the Softastur translators team, and especially to their member Iñigo Varela who took the translation to Asturian upon himself. At first I was skeptic when he told me via email that he could do the translation in one or two days. Imagine how surprised I was when I got an email from him the very next day, with the words: “All translations done!”

In fact, Iñigo did the translation of in collaboration with Marcos Costales  (from Softastur) back in 2009. But the project was stalled and Iñigo and Marcos decided not to wait longer. Marcos downloaded the structure of, Iñigo translated the .html files, and they hosted it at in collaboration with Mikel González (also from Softastur).

Last week I noticed visitors coming from that website which brought me to their Asturian version of GetGNULinux. I was very surprised to find a fully translated GetGNULinux in a language I, at that point, never even heard of. What’s even stranger, is that there were no traces of translation files for Asturian to be found in the original GGL repository (but that makes sense now, knowing that the .html files were translated manually). So I contacted the Softastur translators team who responded very quickly. Iñigo offered to translate it again using Transifex, Mikel provided an icon of the Asturian flag, and the next day there was

This is yet another big step forward in encouraging more people to try Linux. More translations coming soon (I hope)!

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