Chinese translation completed

It’s unbelievable, but true. Yet another translation for was completed today! is now available in Chinese (中文), more specifically Modern Standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin. Who knows how many more people we can reach now?

Many thanks to Sayson Peng, leonfeng, Jason Lau and others who worked on the Chinese translation! We couldn’t thank you enough!

Jason pointed out that the Chinese translation requires more improvement (grammar, spelling, fluidity, etc.) and that he will continue to make improvements where he can. But this kind of work shouldn’t be done by just one person. So if you are fluid in Mandarin and happen to have some spare time on your hands, please consider helping out with improving the Chinese translation. Head over to our translation section to get started.

The completion of the translation for Standard Chinese also opens the doors for other variants of Chinese. Transifex has a clone feature which makes it possible to copy all translations from one language to a new language for a project. Cantonese anyone?

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