Project moved to GitHub

The GetGNULinux project source code has been moved to a different version control system and code hosting service. When I started managing this project I used Bazaar for version control and Launchpad for project hosting. During my internship last summer I started using Git for version control because I heard good things about it. It didn’t take long before I was sold, partly because the book Pro Git by Scott Chacon was a delight to read and easy to understand. I soon started converting my personal Bazaar repositories to Git (see Convert bzr to git by AstroFloyd for instructions).

I later converted getgnulinux’ repository to Git as well. You can check out the new project page at GitHub. From now on this is where you can find the source code, report bugs, and make suggestions for the website. Patches, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

Belated update

The getgnulinux project had come to a halt for about 6 months due to my 5 months internship to which my focus was drawn. But the internship has come to a successful end in December 2012 and I have some spare time on my hands once again. So there is some catching up to do because the translators didn’t stop contributing to the project, for which I’m grateful. I’m pleased to announce that two more translations were completed:

Other translations have undergone updates as well. These include Arabic (56%), German (53%), Finnish (13%), French (77%), Interlingua (30%), Italian (74%), and Russian (85%). And a new language was added: Lithuanian (28%). I can’t help but wonder which will finish next.