Dutch and French translations completed

I am again happy to announce that more translations were completed for getgnulinux.org: Dutch and French.

Many thanks to Anthony Verez, Bruno Bord, Bruno Ethvignot, Fabián Rodríguez, Joseph Maillardert, KIAaze, Laurent Richard, Loïs Di Qual, mauron, nh2amine, Olivier Cleynen, Stéphane Aulery, and Thiébaut Hillenweck for realizing the French translation! The French translation had been stuck at 77% for a few months, but mauron gave it a final push about a month ago.

Also many thanks to AstroFloyd, Johan Vervloet, and Tim Speetjens for helping with the Dutch translation! The Dutch translation was completed by AstroFloyd yesterday, who also spotted a few typos in the original English text which have been fixed as of today. I don’t know who have been responsible for 32% of the Dutch translation, as there were no credits for Dutch on the Credits page before AstroFloyd joined. I did manage to extract a few names from the old PO files. Forgive me if your name is missing, but do send me a message so that I can correct it.

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