Order GNU/Linux!

A few days ago I stumbled upon OSDisc.com where you can order CDs and DVDs for as many as 195 GNU/Linux distributions. They even sell flavors of BSD and Solaris. The prices are low, the CDs are professionally labeled, and you can order from almost any location in the world. Even the website looks very professional, so I thought this would be the perfect website to send newcomers to GNU/Linux to (as an alternative to downloading).

Today I released an update (commit 562e490e59) for the Try or install page which adds links to OSDisc.com for ordering the Linux distribution of choice. The instructions on this page were improved as well, with links to the official installation instructions for each distribution.

After the update

This update meant that some translations needed to be updated as well, so that completed translations remain complete after releasing this update. The translators responded very fast to my request to update the translations. Thank you Xuacu Saturio, Jason Lau, AstroFloyd, mauron, Yaron Shahrabani, Manuel Meixide, Bastián Núñez, and Alissa for updating the translations!

I can imagine that for some people it might be difficult to download a 700+ MB ISO file and burn it to a CD/DVD themselves, as not everybody has access to high speed internet, blank CDs, and a CD burner. So hopefully this update helps more people get access to GNU/Linux.

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