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Poll: How could be improved?

How could be improved? The website has undergone some changes in the last few months, but I bet there is still enough room for improvement. I’d like to know what you think could improve

If you choose “better layout” or “better content”, please specify in the comments what exactly could be better.

Does need another distribution?

I’ve been thinking about adding a fourth GNU/Linux distribution to the list of recommended distributions on

One of the reasons for this is because the distributions currently recommended (Ubuntu, Fedora and gNewSense) all use the GNOME desktop environment by default. Some people might not like the simplistic GNOME desktop and may prefer a fancier desktop environment like KDE. Personally, I would like to also see a Linux distribution with KDE as its default desktop environment so people can see a variety in desktop environments as well when browsing the screenshots. Maybe this will get even more people interested in GNU/Linux. It’s not all about the freedom; the eye wants something too.

Personally, I think openSUSE belongs in that list as well. It perfectly fits the description of a “beginner-friendly distribution” and it’s been around for quite some time. But what do you think?